What is total Defence day Singapore?

What is total defense Singapore?

What is Total Defence. Military Defence is having a strong Singapore Armed Forces to deter aggression and protect the country. Civil Defence provides for the safety and basic needs of the whole community so that life may go on as normally as possible during emergencies.

Why is total Defence Day celebrated?

We commemorate Total Defence Day on 15 February annually to mark Singapore’s fall to the Japanese in 1942. Total Defence Day serves to remind our students that Singapore is defensible and is worth defending, and we ourselves must defend Singapore.

When was the concept of Total Defence introduced in Singapore?

Since its launch in 1984, Total Defence has rallied Singaporeans together in responding to challenges that threaten Singapore’s independence and well-being, such as terrorism, SARS and economic downturns.

Why must we keep Singapore safe?

You and your family can live in Singapore with the confidence that your personal safety is always in good hands. Singapore is widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, with consistently low crime rates, a transparent legal system, and a reliable police force supported by proactive citizens.

How did Singapore respond to SARS?

Despite the low knowledge score, the overall mean satisfaction score of the government’s response to SARS was 4.47 (out of possible highest score of 5.00), with >93% of adult Singaporeans indicating that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the government’s response to SARS.

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What are the 5 pillars of Total Defence?

In Total Defence, our people are organised to defend the country against all forms of attack, both military and non-military. Total Defence comprises Psychological Defence, Social Defence, Economic Defence, Civil Defence and Military Defence.

Why is Defence important?

National defence is the core element of the national security system. This means that a functioning and effective defence sector is vital to national safety and security. Defence is also a major part of overall public spending. Therefore, ensuring budgets are spent in an efficient and responsible manner is crucial.

Why is it important for the national servicemen to defend Singapore?

NS, as the bedrock of our fighting force and national security, remains critical for Singapore’s continued survival and success. A strong defence underpins the peace and prosperity we enjoy by safeguarding Singapore’s independence and sovereignty.

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