Quick Answer: How many Khan are there in Cambodia?

How many Khan are there in Phnom Penh?

Though a different administrative unit, Phnom Penh is at province level, so de facto Cambodia has 25 provinces and municipalities. Each province is divided into districts (Srok/Khan; ស្រុក/ខណ្ឌ, srŏk/khăn) – as of 2010 there are 159 districts throughout the country’s provinces, and 12 are in Phnom Penh.

How many states are in Cambodia?

Provinces of Cambodia

Provinces of Cambodia រាជធានី/ខេត្តនៃព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា
Category Unitary state
Location Cambodia
Number 25
Populations 42,665 (Kep) – 2,281,951 (Phnom Penh)

What is the capital of Cambodia?

What is Cambodia postcode?

If you are sending mail or packages to anywhere in Phnom Penh City, you can ensure faster and more reliable delivery by using the official area code.

Phnom Penh.

Khan Russei Keo 12100
Russei Keo 12104
Toul Sang Kè 12105
Kilometre 6 12106
Chrang Chamres 1 12107

Is Cambodia the smallest country?

Wedged between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia is the smallest country by landmass on the Indochina Peninsula. The country has heavily forested highlands and plateaus, and low-lying plains that sprawl down to its southeastern coastline along the Gulf of Thailand.

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