Is Tamil an official language in Indonesia?

Which countries has Tamil as official language?

Tamil is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and of the sovereign nations of Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Tamil language.

Official language in India Tamil Nadu Puducherry Sri Lanka Singapore Organizations ASEAN
Recognised minority language in Malaysia South Africa
Language codes

Is Tamil a dying language?

Tamil. Tamil, a language spoken by about 78 million people and recognized as an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore, is the only classical language that has survived all the way through to the modern world.

Is Tamil the mother of all languages?

COIMBATORE: The Tamil language is older than Sanskrit and is “the mother of all languages in the world,” said Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi on Wednesday. … Tamil scholar Devaneya Pavanar had established that Tamil is the primary classical language of the world, he said.

Is English spoken in Indonesia?

Indonesia is home to 240 million ethnically diverse people. These communities each have their own distinct language and culture. … Although most of the formal education and communication occur in Bahasa Indonesian, English is still widely spoken, and there is demand for English teachers in the country.

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