Who is the recognized father of nutrition in the Philippines?

Who is the scientist known as founder of nutrition in science?

Dr Coluthur Gopalan, who passed away in Chennai last week, just short of his 101st birthday, has been revered as the Father of Nutrition Science in India.

Where did Francisco Santos study?

He was released on May 20, 1991. Following his ordeal, he founded the first non-governmental organization against kidnapping in the world, Fundación País Libre. Santos studied Journalism at the University of Kansas, and Latin American Studies at the University of Texas.

What is history by Teodoro Agoncillo?

History deals with the past, not with the future. We use history to avoid the mistakes of the past, not to recreate the very same events. You cannot.” ― Teodoro A. Agoncillo, Talking History: Conversations with Teodoro A.

What was the first vitamin discovered?

In 1911, Casimir Funk isolated a concentrate from rice polishings that cured polyneuritis in pigeons. He named the concentrate “vitamine” because it appeared to be vital to life and because it was probably an amine.

What is nutrition in brief?

Nutrition is how food affects the health of the body. Food is essential—it provides vital nutrients for survival, and helps the body function and stay healthy.

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