Who introduced Diwata in Philippine mythology?

What is diwata Philippines mythology?

In Philippine mythology, a Diwata (origin Sanskrit Devata), also known as Encantada, is a dryad and are benevolent or neutral and invoked ritually for positive crop growth, health, and fortune; they may also incur illness or misfortune if not given proper respect.

Where did the word diwata came from?

From Cebuano diwata, from Sanskrit देवता (devatā, “god, deity”).

Who is the God of the Philippines?


Bathala Maykapal
An illustration depicting Bathala, a Diwata and the bird Sarim
Abode Kaluwalhatian
Symbol Tigmamanukin
Adherents Pre-hispanic Tagalog

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What is Duwende English?

Noun. duwende (plural duwendes) A kind of dwarf or goblin in Filipino folklore.

What is kapre Filipino?

Philippines. In Philippine folklore, the kapre is a creature that may be described as a tree giant, being a tall (7 to 9 ft), dark-coloured, hairy, and muscular creature. Kapres are also said to have a very strong body odour and to sit in tree branches to smoke.

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