Where is the new Philippine airport?

Where is the new airport in Philippines?

New Manila International Airport

New Manila International Airport Bagong Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Maynila
Operator San Miguel Aerocity Inc.
Serves Central Luzon and Greater Manila Area
Location Barangay Taliptip and Bambang, Bulakan, Bulacan
Opened 2026 (Phase 1)

Where will the new Manila international airport be built?

Mar-2021. Philippines’ Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade reported the groundbreaking of New Manila International Airport will take place within 2Q2021.

Is Philippines building a new airport?

New Clark Airport terminal in the Philippines to commence operations. Luzon International Premier Airport Development (LIPAD), the operator of Clark International Airport in the Philippines, has announced that the new Clark Airport terminal building will be operational by July.

When was Manila international airport built?

The international runway and associated taxiway were built in 1953, and 1961 saw the completion of a control tower and a terminal building for the exclusive use of international passengers at the southwest intersection of the runways. This system came to be officially known as the Manila International Airport (MIA).

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