What is the weather like in Philippines in January?

Is January a good time to visit Philippines?

The month of January is an excellent time to travel to the Philippines, as temperatures are cooler without being too cold. It is also the height of the dry season, so rain should be minimal.

Is January cold in Philippines?

January’s weather in detail

Even though January is in the cooler half of the dry season, temperatures still average around 26°C. If you’re exploring at higher elevations such as Baguio and the Cordillera region in northern Luzon, then you can expect temperatures to drop quite significantly, especially at night.

What injections do I need for Philippines?

Yes, some vaccines are recommended or required for Philippines. The National Travel Health Network and Centre and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Philippines: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, polio and tetanus. Jab lasts 3 years.

Does it rain in the Philippines in January?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall during January in Manila is rapidly decreasing, starting the month at 3.4 inches, when it rarely exceeds 7.1 inches or falls below 0.4 inches, and ending the month at 1.7 inches, when it rarely exceeds 4.3 inches or falls below 0.2 inches.

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What is the rainy season in the Philippines?

Using temperature and rainfall as bases, the climate of the country can be divided into two major seasons: (1) the rainy season, from June to November; and (2) the dry season, from December to May.

Why is it cold in January?

During the Winter Solstice, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky at local noon, which means that we are receiving the least amount of sunlight of the entire year. Though it would stand to reason that this would be the coldest time of the year, the atmosphere takes several weeks to catch up.

Is the Philippines expensive?

The Philippines is a cheap travel destination, even by Southeast Asian standards. Some hotels may be more expensive than you would expect, but as a whole it is a very affordable travel destination. … Food in the Philippines is very cheap, particularly if you dine at local establishments.

What is the best time to go to the Philippines?

The best time to visit the Philippines is during the dry season between November and April, when the country’s beautiful islands and remote areas are fully accessible. The shoulder months of May and November are also good, as it is less crowded but the weather is still lovely.

Is there a winter in Philippines?

(Updated on December 24, 2019) Winter is coming, but not to the Philippines. There are only two seasons in the country, and winter is not one of them. … There’s the wet or rainy season from June to November, and the dry season from December to May.

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