What is the architecture like in Thailand?

What kind of architecture does Thailand have?

Characteristics of Thai architecture include steeply-sloping tile roofs with up turned edges, open air spaces and lush gardens. Stupas are bell-shaped, similar to the Sri-Lankan style. Sometimes Thai architecture is best appreciated for its details.

What influenced Thailand architecture?

Thai architectural style has been influenced primarily by Indian and Khmer architecture, although China and other countries have had impact as well (Thai people have been thought to have emigrated from South China). Most early Thai architecture was built of wood and has since disappeared.

What is unusual about the houses in Laos and Thailand?

Traditional Lao houses are made of wood or bamboo and are built on stilts above the ground. … Northeastern-style houses are similar to central Thai houses. They are built of wood on stilts, but their roofs feature a gentler slope since there is less rain to cope with.

Do people live in huts in Thailand?

When farmers live several kilometers from their rice fields, they need to build huts and cottages (hang na) for shelter. Most sheds are simple, temporary shelters for daily rest or short visits.

Do people in Thailand have kitchens?

A typical Thai house has kitchen outside because we don’t want smell of chili and garlic in the house. In the past there was no hood or anything like that, so many people cooked just outside or at the balcony or terrace of the house. Nowadays with modern kitchen, kitchen is in the house.

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