What are other famous orchards found in the Philippines?

What are the 3 famous orchard farm in the Philippines?


  • Milea Bee farm.
  • Hapao rice Terraces.
  • strawberry farm.

What are the famous orchard Farms?

Refmad Farms – Owned by Edith Dacuycuy. This farm is located in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. This is the largest dragon fruit farm the in the Philippines. Rosa Farms – a mango and plants orchard agritourism site which is located in San Antonio Boundary, Zambales.

Who are the owners of the famous orchard farm in the Philippines?

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  • JOSE MERCADO (Merlo Agricultural Corporation) – He is one of the successful orchard growers in Luzon. …
  • Edith Dacuycuy (Refmad Farms) – She owns the largest dragon fruit farm in the Philippines, located in Ilocos Norte. …
  • Philip Cruz (Herbanext) – He owns one of the largest local sources of herbal extracts.

What is the famous orchard Farm in our country?

Explanation: Rosa Farms– is a 12.5 hectare mango-orchard in the coastal province of Zambales, home to the Philippine Carabao Mango.

What are the benefits of orchard is owning an orchard profitable?

Urban vegetation in orchard increase property values improve privacy and provide many environmental benefits. They reduce heating and cooling costs, reduce pollution, take up carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, provide habitat for wildlife, hold water and reduce soil erosion.

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What do we grow in an orchard?

Orchard farming meaning is the planting of trees and shrubs. You can also call orchard farming a fruit garden. The orchard contains farming of fruits and nuts for commercial purposes. Most of the orchards farming are done with a single variety of fruits or nuts.

What are the examples of orchard grower?

An orchard is a type of farm where fruits and nuts are grown on trees and shrubs. Examples of orchard fruits are apples, pears, oranges, bananas, and cherries. Examples of orchard nuts are pecans, walnuts, and almonds.

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