Quick Answer: How can I register my IMEI number in Indonesia?

How can I register my IMEI Online in Indonesia?

Before you go visit the customs office you will need to register online through this website: https://www.beacukai.go.id/register-imei.html.

You will need the following;

  1. Your phone.
  2. IMEI from your phone.
  3. Your arrival flight ticket.
  4. Passport.

How do I register my IMEI number?

Visit the NTA portal. Press Sign up for the login or register. Click either New importer or Individual application. Click New register to put your phone’s IMEI with all the details like Brand name, mobile number, IMEI/ ESN / MEID number, Name, address, identification ( Citizenship or ID card or passport).

How do I use my phone in Indonesia?

Since 2017, the Indonesian government requires that everyone registers their mobile phone number. Locals are required to enter their ID card (KTP) number. As a foreigner, you can do this by visiting the service provider’s website or store and fill the form provided.

Can I bring my phone to Indonesia?

Phones used in Indonesia before 18th April 2020 do not need to complete any processes. Smartphones can still be brought in from abroad. Visitors must follow the registration process and pay the correct fees to the Indonesian Director General of Customs and Excise.

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How do I register my SIM card in Indonesia?

SMS – send your passport number or KITAS/KITAP number to 4444. Online – download the application of cellular service operator and follow the instruction. Cellular provider service gallery – Bring your passport and/or KITAS/KITAP, and you will be assisted to make a SIM card registration without additional fees.

Can foreigners buy SIM card Indonesia?

Registering the Indonesian SIM card

As of 1 May, 2018, a new regulation has fully come into effect, requiring all foreigners to register their cards with either their Passport, or KITAS, or KITAP (the last two being long-term visas which the regular visitor doesn’t need to worry about).

How do I check if my IMEI is registered?

To check the status of a mobile device, dial *#06# and SMS each 15 digit IMEI to 8484. Mobile device users are advised to have all IMEIs (dual SIM) of their mobile devices registered with PTA.

How do I check if my IMEI number is registered?

How to find the IMEI number on your Android phone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on About Phone.
  3. Scroll down and you will find the number under IMEI.

How do I know my phone is registered?

Anyone can check whether the information on their handsets are on the database by writing “KYD the 15-digit IMEI number” and sending SMS to 16002. The BTRC will let the users know about the status of their handsets in a return SMS. No registration will be needed to get NOC Automation and IMEI Database or NAID services.

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Does Bali have 4G?

A 4G network is available in most areas, if it’s not too remote. Since April 2018 the regulations have changed however and you need to register with your passport if you wish to buy a SIM CARD.

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