How Philippines claim the rights for Spratly Island?

How Philippines claim the rights for Spratly Islands?

The Philippines claims the Kalayaan Island Group on the assumption that after Japan renounced its title to the islands in the San Francisco Treaty of Peace of 1951, they reverted to being terra nullius because title was not explicitly passed to another state.

Who claims sovereignty over Spratly Islands?

Summary of Claims

Vietnam further claims the entirety of the Spratly Islands (known as Truong Sa in Vietnamese), as do China and Taiwan (which refer to them as Nansha). Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brunei also claim parts of the Spratlys. In the Spralty Islands, Vietnam currently occupies 25 features.

Why does Scarborough Shoal belong to the Philippines?

It is a disputed territory claimed by the Republic of the Philippines through the 1734 Velarde map, while the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) claim it through the internationally invalidated nine-dash line (originally an eleven-dash line which included waters in the Gulf of Tonkin).

What is the dispute between China and Philippines?

Philippines-China relations have lately been dominated by the territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea, which has escalated since the naval standoff over the Scarborough Shoal in April 2012 and aggravated by issues of Chinese illegal occupation, unlawful establishment of infrastructures, and incidents of

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Why Kalayaan island group is important to the Philippines?

about 30% of the total reef area of the Philippines. Most of these reefs are found in the Kalayaan Islands Group (KIG). The KIG is also a source of coral and fish larvae for neighboring reef systems along the western Palawan coast and as far as the Sulu Sea and the Indo-China coast.

Why the West Philippine Sea is important?

The Philippine Sea is known as a hotspot and a center of marine biodiversity. The South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea, accounts for 12% of the world’s annual fish catch, worth $21 billion. … The Kalayaan Islands area holds the key to the long-term sustainability of the Philippines’ marine resources.

Is the nine dash line of China valid?

China’s 9 dash line is an invalid territorial claim because:

It is illegal. It endangers the sovereignty of multiple states with exclusive economic zones in the south china sea.

What is China’s claim to the Spratly Islands?

China then claims a 12 nautical mile (nm) territorial sea from the Paracel baseline, not from the individual islands, and in the Spratlys from many features that under international law are not awarded this right, such as artificial islands.

Is South China Sea belong to Philippines?

In Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, it was long called the “South China Sea” (Dagat Timog Tsina in Tagalog, Laut China Selatan in Malay), with the part within Philippine territorial waters often called the “Luzon Sea”, Dagat Luzon, by the Philippines.

What are the basis of China’s claim over West Philippine Sea?

It maintained its claim that the reef was part of China’s Nansha Islands and a “traditional fishing ground” for the Chinese “for many years.” Nansha is what China calls the Spratlys archipelago, which is composed of reefs, atolls and islets that straddle the South China Sea.

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