How many parts does Harp have in Saung Gauk Myanmar?

Is Saung Gauk a harp?

The saung (Burmese: စောင်း, MLCTS caung: IPA: [sáʊɰ̃ɡaʊʔ]; also known as the saung-gauk, Burmese harp, Burma harp, or Myanmar harp), is an arched harp used in traditional Burmese music. … The saung is unique in that it is a very ancient harp tradition and is said to be the only surviving harp in Asia.

Is Burmese Harp a Chordophone?

The Saung-Gauk is the classical arched harp of Burma. … The saung-gauk has been played in Burma, since at least the 7th century. Classification. Chordophone: an instrument that produces its sound by the vibration of strings.

What is the classification of Saung Gauk?

What is the origin of Saung Gauk?

use in Myanmar

The Burmese arched harp (saung gauk) has features that may be traced back to pre-Hittite times and the Egyptian 4th dynasty (c. 2575–c. 2465 bce). Scarcely existent outside of Myanmar, this instrument underwent a renascence in the 20th century.

How does Saung Gauk sound differ compared to guitar?

The flute can sustain a note and play legato. A guitar is mostly plucked, meaning each new note starts loudly and then decays over time. … The other makes its sound by blowing into a mostly-metal pipe where different fingerings in different holes can lead to different notes being played.

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