How is Thailand’s population distributed?

What is the population distribution of Thailand?

The 2019 population density in Thailand is 136 people per Km2 (353 people per mi2), calculated on a total land area of 510,890 Km2 (197,256 sq. miles).

Where do majority of people live in Thailand?

While the country’s population is spread fairly well, a substantial amount of people live in Bangkok and the surrounding Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Bangkok, located in Central Thailand, has a population of more than 9 million, or close to 13% of the country’s population.

What is the age distribution in Thailand?

Age structure in Thailand from 2010 to 2020

Characteristic 0-14 years 15-64 years
2018 17.09% 71.01%
2017 17.35% 71.21%
2016 17.65% 71.35%
2015 17.97% 71.42%

How many foreigner live in Thailand?

Thailand’s population is estimated at 70 million, of whom about three million are foreigners living here long-term, said Dr Opas.

How is age calculated in Thailand?

Most people in Thailand considered their age to be the difference between the present year and the year of birth. They did not take into account whether the present year’s birthday passed or not.

What is the female population in Thailand?

Thailand Female population

Change, % Date Value
0.07 % 2018 51.3
0.07 % 2015 51.2
0.07 % 2019 51.3
0.07 % 2014 51.1
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