Best answer: What is the famous art in Myanmar?

What are the folk arts in Myanmar?

Myanmar is home to various traditional art forms like Panbu (the art of sculpture), Panchi (the art of painting), Panyun (the art of making lacquerware) and Pantaut (the art of making floral designs using masonry).

What are the 10 traditional arts in Myanmar?

Art has always been an integral part of the culture of Myanmar, so historically important that ten traditional art forms have been called pan sè myo or “The Ten Flowers.” These ten forms, include sculpture, blacksmithing, lacquerware, painting, woodcarving, stucco relief, masonry, turnery, and bronze casting, and have …

What is the arts and crafts of Brunei?

Traditional handicrafts of Brunei includes: 1) silverwork; 2) weaving (Tenunan); 3) kris making (making of the Malays’ unique and ancient weapon); 4) songkok (Malay-style caps): 5) tudung dulang, a dish of a cover; 6) Anyaman weaving, the hobby that became a traditional art; and 7) brasswork.

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