Your question: What was the first railway in the Philippines?

What is the first railway in the Philippines?

The first railroad in the Philippines was inaugurated on Nov. 24, 1892, nearly two decades after King Alfonso XII of Spain issued a decree for the establishment of a railroad system in Luzon. Construction of the railroad began in 1888. The line covered 195 kilometers from Manila to Dagupan in Pangasinan.

Who built the first railroad which ran from Manila to Dagupan?

of London. July 31, 1887 – The cornerstone of Tutuban station was laid on Iris St. in Tondo by Governor General Emilio Terrero, commencing the construction of the railroad from Manila to Dagupan, about 50,000 people attended the ceremony, Don Carlos Bertodano was the construction engineer.

What is Ferrocarril de Manila?

The Ferrocarril de Manila-Dagupan which constitutes much of the North Main Line today, began construction in July 1887 with the laying of the cornerstone for Tutuban station. The railway was 195 kilometers long at the time of its opening on November 24, 1892, running from Manila to Dagupan City in Pangasinan.

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