Your question: Does Indo mean Indian or Indonesian?

Does Indo mean Indonesia?

Indo is just not the right word to represent Indonesia. … On the other hand, the terms Indo people (Orang Indo)are used to describe people who acknowledged to be of mixed Dutch and Indonesian descent (or East Indies, during Dutch colonial time).

Why is India called Indo?

The name derives ultimately from Sanskrit Sindhu (सिन्धु), which was the name of the Indus River as well as the lower Indus basin (modern Sindh, in Pakistan). The Old Persian equivalent of Síndhu was Hindu. … The terms Indos (Ἰνδός) for the Indus river as well as “an Indian” are found in Herodotus’s Geography.

Is Indonesia a friend of India?

Both countries are neighbours, as India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Indonesia along the Andaman Sea. … India has an embassy in Jakarta and Indonesia operates an embassy in Delhi. India regards Indonesia as a key member of ASEAN. Both nations had agreed to establish a strategic partnership.

Was Indonesia a Hindu country?

Hinduism in Indonesia, as of the 2018 census, is practised by about 1.74% of the total population, and almost 87% of the population in Bali. Hinduism is one of the six official religions of Indonesia.

Official Census (2010)

Province Indonesia
Hindu 2010 4,012,116
% Hindu 2010 1.69%
% Hindu 2000 1.79%
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What is Indo Snoop Dogg?

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What are the old names of India?

Also Read

  • Hodu. Hodu is the Biblical Hebrew name for India and is mentioned in the Old Testament.
  • Tianzhu. This is the Chinese and the Japanese name given to India by the Oriental scholars. …
  • Nabhivarsha. Olden texts refer to India a Nabhivarsha. …
  • Jambudvipa. …
  • Aryavarta. …
  • Hindustan. …
  • Bharat. …
  • India.

What is the full form of Indo?

Indo-, a prefix indicating India or the Indian Subcontinent. Indian Indonesians Indo-, a prefix indicating Indian Indonesians. Indonesia, a country in Asia.

Why is it called Indo European?

The Indo-European languages are the world’s most spoken language family. Linguists believe they all come from a single language, Proto-Indo-European, which was originally spoken somewhere in Eurasia. … The origin of Proto-Indo-European is after the invention of farming since some of its words have to do with farming.

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