You asked: What is the most expensive HDB in Singapore?

What is the most expensive HDB?

Recently, a DBSS flat in Bishan made headlines for being the most expensive HDB flat in Singapore; the 5-room flat was sold for a mouth-watering S$1.296 million. In June, barely a month earlier, a 49-year-old HDB terrace flat in Jalan Bahagia changed hands for $1.258 million.

How much does a HDB cost in Singapore?

2021 Property prices in Singapore

Type HDB BTO Flats (Non-Mature Estates) Resale Flats
Two-Room (Flexi) $90,000 to $162,000
Three-Room $164,000 to $248,000 $350,000 to $380,000
Four-Room $253,000 to $381,000 $420,000 to $550,000
Five-Room $405,000 to $516,000 $520,000 to $700,000

Will HDB price go up?

“We expect HDB resale prices to increase by 8 per cent to 10 per cent in 2021, surpassing the gains of 5 per cent in 2020,” added Mr Yip. More detailed housing data will be released along with the final resale price index for the full quarter on Jul 23, said HDB.

Why is Punggol expensive?

According to Tony Koe, managing director of SRI, there are only 37 such loft units in HDB estates in the Punggol area. The scarcity factor explains the record price. … “The supply of these loft units is getting limited. That means there are only 28 who are still holding on to their units.”

How can I buy jumbo HDB?

If you are planning to buy a jumbo flat, you would have to buy one from the resale market. Jumbo flats can typically be found in Woodlands and Yishun. Jurong East, Bedok and Tampines are also estates where you may find prebuilt jumbo flats.

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How much is a 5 room flat in Singapore?

TL;DR: Only Buy as Much House as You Can Comfortably Afford

HDB BTO Flat Type Average Price (excluding grants) Minimum Monthly Household Income
2-Room Flexi $89,000 $123
3-Room $177,000 $1,323
4-Room $272,000 $2,820
5-Room $350,000 $4,083

Why are resale HDB so expensive?

“There’s a strong demand for resale flats and the supply of resale is inflexible,” said Mr Mak. “So as a result, we see demand stronger than supply (and) prices go up.”

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