You asked: Is there Filipino employees in Pogo?

How many Filipino employees are in Pogo?

In May, the BIR told senators there are around 103,000 foreign workers in the POGO industry, yet the DOLE counted only over 86,000. Pagcor said there are over 93,000 workers.

Are Filipinos allowed to play in Pogo?

Foreign nationals who are staying in the Philippines and Filipinos residing abroad are not allowed to take part in the online gaming activity. Likewise, individuals who are under 21 years old are not allowed to play. POGO is NOT prostitution.

Is Pogo illegal in the Philippines?

According to Philippine law, only foreigners (non-Philippine nationals) based in another country and over the age of 21 are permitted to use the services of POGOs. That means foreign nationals living in the Philippines are not permitted to use POGOs, and nor are Philippine nationals living abroad.

How many Pogo Chinese workers in the Philippines?

PAGCOR has stated that there are no Chinese-owned POGOs, and all POGO foreign licensees have Filipino partner firms. While there is no official figure for the number of Chinese gambling workers in the Philippines. It is estimated that around 100,000 to 150,000 Chinese are employed in the Philippines.

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Why is Pogo illegal in the Philippines?

Third, in the Philippines the general rule is any form of gambling is illegal and punishable under Article 195 of the Revised Penal Code. … Moreover, the licensee’s Pogo license from Pagcor is void from the start because the licensee can never comply with Pagcor’s requirement of a gambling license from China.

What is the purpose of Pogo?

A POGO refers to an entity that offers and participates in offshore gaming services by providing games to players, taking bets, and paying the winning players.

How much is the salary in Pogo?

$7.5 Billion salaries of BPO employees. At the estimated 470,000 POGO workers and 1.2 Million BPO workers, we computed that the average salary of POGO workers in the Philippines is about PHP 91,000 per month vs. average salary of BPO employees at PHP 27,000 per month.

Does Pogo pay taxes in Philippines?

The bill provides that all offshore gaming licensees, regardless of whether Philippine or foreign-based, are considered doing business in the Philippines, and must pay 5 percent gaming tax on the gross gaming revenue or receipts derived from their gaming operations.

Is online gambling illegal in the Philippines?

Those gambling firms online that are handled and licensed by PAGCOR are legal under Philippine law, but owners, operators and staff may face prosecution in other jurisdictions. Some online gambling firms under PAGCOR include PhilWeb and DFNN.

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