You asked: Is Cryptocurrency legal in Thailand?

The central bank stressed that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in Thailand.

Is cryptocurrency illegal in Thailand?

Thailand has become the latest country in Asia, after China, to restrict trading in the highly speculative cryptocurrencies and the non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued new regulations that ban certain types of digital coins, including meme currencies like Dogecoin.

Thailand has announced a selective ban on cryptocurrency trading that targets meme coins and NFTs. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Board prohibit digital asset exchanges from providing services in relation to these tokens. The new resolution was passed in an SEC Board meeting held on June 9, 2021.

How can I get cryptocurrency in Thailand?

Below you can find a list of brokerages in Thailand that allow you to buy litecoin and other crypto assets for good exchange rates.

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Which country invest most in Bitcoin?

The US Is the World Headquarters of Bitcoin

Despite the current spotlight on the hottest-trending altcoins, America is the undisputed champion of the world when it comes to Bitcoin specifically. More than $1.52 billion worth of Bitcoin was traded on U.S. crypto exchanges in 2020, according to Statista.

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As of June 2021, bitcoin was legal in the U.S., Japan, the U.K., and most other developed countries. In the emerging markets, the legal status of bitcoin still varied dramatically. … India banned banks from dealing in bitcoin and left the overall legal status of cryptocurrencies unclear.

Is Binance allowed in Thailand?

Binance does not currently have exchange operations in Thailand nor do we actively solicit Thai users,” said a Binance spokesperson in an email to the Bangkok Post.

With a P2P crypto trading platform in PHP, it is now possible for Filipino Binance users to sell and buy ETH, BTC, BNB, USDT, EOS, and BUSD using local currency. Binance has a P2P platform that allows Filipinos to do this without any transaction fees.

Is Binance illegal US?

Binance is not currently banned in the US. It IS being investigated for possible money laundering violations, but no charges have been filed. US citizens can access it via, which is available in 43 of 50 states. U.S. citizens can buy cryptocurrency!

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