Why Narra is the Philippine tree?

Why narra tree is the national tree of the Philippines?

The Philippine national tree is the sturdy and durable narra, which symbolizes the Filipino people’s indomitable spirit and strength of character. … The narra tree was officially declared as a national symbol by Gen. Frank Murphy along with the sampaguita’s declaration in 1934.

What is the meaning of narra tree?

1 : any of several timber trees of the genus Pterocarpus. 2 or less commonly narrawood ˈ⸗⸗ˌ⸗ : the hard wood of narra noted for its ability to take a high polish. — called also Philippine mahogany.

Is Mahogany native to the Philippines?

Philippine mahogany is a common name for several different species of trees and their wood. Botanically, the name refers to Toona calantas in the mahogany family, Meliaceae. It is endemic to the Philippines. In the US timber trade, it is often applied to wood of the genus Shorea in the family Dipterocarpaceae.

What is the class of Narra?

What is the characteristics of narra tree?

Narra is a graceful tree with drooping branches that toss in the trade winds. Short-lived flowers usually appear in April or May, and for a day or two the tree is a shimmering mass of fragrant yellow blooms, which then fall off nearly all at once. The curious winged fruit stays on the tree for months.

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