Why did oBike leave Singapore?

What happened to oBike in Singapore?

In June last year, oBike announced its shock exit from the Singapore market, saying that it had difficulties meeting the Land Transport Authority’s rules tackling indiscriminate parking under a new licensing regime.

Why did Mobike leave Singapore?

The decision to withdraw is part of a plan to “rationalise” Mobike’s operations in South-east Asia, the spokesman told The Straits Times yesterday. “We will work with LTA to explore all options, including the potential to transfer our operations or licence to existing licensees, to minimise the impact to consumers.”

When did OFO leave Singapore?

Update on 22 Apr: Ofo is officially out of the market and has lost its LTA license.

Is OFO still operating in Singapore?

SINGAPORE – Beleaguered bike-sharing firm ofo has lost its licence to operate in Singapore, after failing to provide enough justification for why its licence should not be cancelled. … “Ofo will not be able to offer dockless bicycle-sharing services in public places in Singapore without this licence.”

What is the purpose of car lite Singapore?

Singapore is becoming car-lite since 2014 through a three-pronged strategy. First, by improving and expanding public transport systems. Second, by providing alternative modes of transport. Third, by managing the private vehicle population and its usage.

Is there a Mobike in Sydney?

Mobike Australia Launches in Sydney. Just a week after announcing the successful bid to bring smart bikeshare to Gold Coast in the recent competitive tender, Mobike has arrived in Sydney!

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Is Mobike still in Singapore?

Beijing-based Mobike first announced plans to withdraw from the Singapore market in March, as part of efforts to rationalise its Southeast Asian operations. It said at the time that it was exploring several options to minimise the impact on consumers, including transferring its business to other firms.

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