Where in the Philippines can we find AGTA?

What does Agta mean?

n. 1. supernatural man of dark complexion and extraordinary size, said to inhabit trees, cliffs, or empty houses.

How many Negritos are there in the Philippines?

The Negritos of the Philippines are comprised of approximately 25 different ethnolinguistic groups, widely scattered throughout the archipelago, totaling an estimated 15,000 people. All are or were hunter-gatherer societies.

Are Negritos from Africa?

Although they share the dark skin and short stature of African pygmy populations, they are genetically distant from Africans and their exact origin and migration route to Asia remain a mystery.

Who are the Negritos in the Philippines?

The indigenous peoples with a hunter gatherer background of the Philippines, among which the Agta, Aeta, Ati, Ata and Batak, are collectively referred to as Negritos. They represent the most ancient civilization in the country, going back more than 40,000 years in time.

Where did the Negritos of the Philippines come from?

Rather, the accepted theory today is that Philippine Negritos are descendants of groups of Homo sapiens who migrated into the Philippines during the Upper Pleistocene from mainland Southeast Asia, and subsequently developed their phenotypic traits in situ, through processes of microevolution, some 25,000 years ago.

Why are the Negritos important to us?

These beings are seen to have some influence over processes of nature, as well as over the health and economic success of humans. Negritos especially have a preoccupation with malignant ghosts of deceased humans. Most Negritos also hold to a belief in a supreme deity.

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