What is the uniqueness of Thai murals?

What makes Thai art unique?

Traditional Thai paintings usually consist of book illustrations, and painted ornamentation of buildings such as palaces and temples. Thai art, architecture and design is characterized by subtlety of design and form with considerable use of symbols, amulets, mystical drawings and both public and private statuary.

What is the importance of Thai murals?

These were important channels to promote Buddhism. Thai mural painting played a signicant role in teaching Buddhism as well as pro- moting morality in Thai society in the past. These mural paintings not only depict contents but also aesthetic and artistic expressions that can invoke the faith.

What are the elements of arts in Thailand?

Traditional Thai art and craft ranges from paintings and musical instruments to beautiful silk, silver wear, pottery, puppets, Khon masks, model warships, bronze wear, soap carving, sculptures, wood and stone carvings, ceramics and much more.

What is the view about the art of Thailand?

Answer: Thai Art is rich and there are many different forms in traditional, visual, contemporary, performing, movie or other art. Thailand really takes a leading role when it cones to Asian creativity and art. Thailand has really beautiful art spaces and talented artists often hidden.

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