What is the current piracy rate in Thailand?

What is the global piracy rate?

While the worldwide weighted average piracy rate is 35%, the median piracy rate is 62%, meaning half of the countries studied have a piracy rate of 62% or higher. In just under one-third of the countries, the piracy rate is higher than 75%.

Which country has the highest piracy rates?

Nicaragua was the country with the highest piracy rate, at 78%. Several large countries in Asia experienced increases in their piracy rates. Malaysia and India experienced rate increases, now 70% for both countries.

Is online piracy increasing?

According to the data provided by Muso, a website that collects data on online piracy, this act has increased 33% worldwide, while the United States has seen a 45% increase. …

Why is piracy bad?

Piracy negatively affects every single person working in these industries and their supply chains. There is less money to invest in new software, developing music artists, and movies. … Most of the people who lost work because of piracy and stolen profits will struggle for the means to support their families.

How can piracy be prevented?

A few main ways to prevent piracy include: Copyrights, patents, and end user agreements. Software product keys. Obfuscation.

Which country is famous for piracy?

Maritime piracy in Somalia is a cause of international concern as the people of the country have come to believe that piracy is the only option available to them to ward off poverty and other constraints plaguing them. 8. Indonesia: Indonesia is also amongst the highly affected piracy areas in the world.

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Of course, national laws on piracy vary significantly, even across Europe. Sweden is an example of a country with infamously lax enforcement when it comes to breaches of copyright law, and in countries such as Switzerland and the Netherlands it is entirely legal to download movie and TV torrents for personal use.

Is movie piracy still a problem?

The global online TV and movie industry will continue to lose revenue in the future. According to online piracy statistics, the movie and TV industry will lose $51.6 billion to online piracy by 2022.

Can piracy be stopped?

How to Stop Digital Piracy for Good. The short answer is that you can’t. … But while you cannot halt content piracy, you can mitigate against it.

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