What does VK mean in Vietnamese?

What does KO mean in Vietnamese?

Vietnamese words are short anyway, so the list of common abbreviations isn’t as extensive as other languages. ko = không. dc = được. a = anh. e = em.

What does Clgt mean in Vietnamese?

The original taboo phrase (meaning “What the @#$%”) is abbreviated as “CLGT” (first letters of each word in the phrase). To make it sound less taboo, and funny at the same time, people make up new phrases using those letters. “Củ Lạc Giòn Tan” is one of them.

What does qq mean in Vietnam?

qq: quần què + Quần : trousers + què : lame This is an abbreviation, and this is often used by young people, mainly to curse each other or joke with each other. Ex- in a joking way A: Mày thích nó à? [ Do you love him? ]

What is PP in Vietnamese?

rất khẽ (Translation of pp.

What does bt mean in Vietnamese?

The meaning of BT abbreviation is `Build-Transfer-Operate` in Vietnam.

What does CL mean in Vietnamese?

written abbreviation. short for centilitre/centiliter or centilitres/centiliters. centilit. a 75 cl bottle. (Translation of cl from the PASSWORD English-Vietnamese Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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What does CL mean in texting?

The abbreviation CL means “Craig’s List,” “Can’t Lie,” “Call,” “Cool,” “Chain Letter,” and “Crip Love.”

What does VL stand for in texting?

1 Answer. Acronym. 0. VL definition means “Very loud”. Also is a texting acronym that means “Virgin Lips“.

What does UK mean in Vietnamese?

United Kingdom {noun}

volume_up. Vương Quốc Anh {noun} Kingdom.

Is there an English version of QQ?

If you’re using a system language which we currently don’t support it will default to English. You can either select from any of the 7 languages we offer during the installation process or modify your settings at will whenever you are running QQ International.

What does QQ mean in Korean?

Now the second meaning of QQ, which you will see in texts (or sometimes spoken), is to cry, or more specifically, the QQ itself represents crying eyes, similar to T^T in English or ㅠㅠ in Korean.

What does QQ mean in Chinese?

QQ is the bounciness associated with fresh handmade fishballs, glutinous rice balls, and certain types of noodles. The term originated from Taiwan, where Q sounds similar to the local word for “chewy”, but it’s evolved to mean a little more than that.

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