What are the qualifications to be discounted in paying Philippine travel tax?

Who qualifies for avail of standard reduced travel tax?

Children of OFWs with disabilities even above 21 years of age. The reduced travel tax privilege can be availed at the following offices of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA).

How can I get my travel tax certificate reduced?

Travel tax exemption certificates may be secured in the Philippines at the following offices:

  1. Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) Main Office located at DOT Building, Agrifina Circle, Rizal Park, Manila (Tel. …
  2. PTA Travel Tax Counter at the Departure Lobby of NAIA 1, 2, and 3 (apply before checking in)

Is there a discount for senior citizen in travel tax Philippines?

For totally unused ticket, the senior citizen is entitled to the 20% discount and exemption from VAT on the fare of the re-issued ticket. b. For partially used ticket, the senior citizen is entitled to the 20% discount and exemption from VAT on the fare of the new unused route of the re-issued ticket.

How much is the terminal fee in NAIA 2021?

The terminal fee ranges from P50 to P220 per person for domestic flights or P600 to P1,135 per person for international flights. Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are exempted from paying the terminal fee.

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Why the government needs to collect a travel tax?

The travel tax was originally imposed to curtail unnecessary foreign travels and to conserve foreign exchange. Later, the tax was used to generate much needed funds for tourism-related programs and projects. … Adequate tourism facilities and infrastructure need to be provided for the growth of the tourism industry.

Can I pay travel tax at the airport?

Depending on your ticket, your travel tax will vary. … Check out these mall counters that accept travel tax payments: You can also pay your travel tax on the day of your flight in the airport counters. You need to show your ticket and passport.

Should I pay travel tax first before check in?

IDEALLY, the travel tax and departure fee are already included when you book your ticket, so please check your ticket. … The check-in agent will tell you if you still need to settle the tax. It’s P1,620 per person.

Are OFWs exempted from travel tax?

Already exempted from the payment of travel tax are OFWs, while their dependents are entitled to a reduced travel tax rate of P300 for economy passage and P400 for first class. … This covered over 133,000 OFW dependents that benefited from the reduced travel tax in 2018.

Are OFWs exempted from tax?

Section 23 of the Tax Code provides that an OFW’s income from abroad or income arising out of his overseas employment is exempt from income tax. OFWs are also exempt from travel tax, airport fees, and documentary stamp tax on their remittances.

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