Question: What happened between Jackie and Malaysia?

Why did Malaysia and Jackie fall out?

If you can recall, Christie and her co-star Malaysia Pargo fell out with each other during season 8 after a man from Atlanta contacted Christie on social media and allegedly implied that Pargo was broke and was not taking care of her children.

Are Malaysia and Jackie still friends?

When it comes to Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo explains what she did wrong. Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie have had plenty of ups and downs in their friendship over the years.

Did Jackie talk about Malaysia kids?

On the upcoming episode of “Basketball Wives,” viewers will see the altercation. Now it’s been confirmed what led to the drama. Apparently, Jackie said Malaysia’s kids are dirty. And that didn’t sit well with Malaysia.

Who did Malaysia fight on Basketball Wives?

On VH1′s ‘Basketball Wives LA’ last night, the show’s second episode picked up right where the series premiere left off. After Malaysia Pargo provoked Laura Govan to fight, Laura accepted her challenge and the two ladies threw blows.

Did Jackie Christie talk about Malaysia?

Jackie told the group that she was told Jennifer Williams said horrible things about Malaysia. And she said these things to multiple people in Atlanta.

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Is Jackie returning to basketball wives?

Shaunie O’Neal, Jackie Christie, Williams, and Malaysia Pargo are all reportedly returning as well.

Is draya and Brandi still friends?

In a 2017 interview with Hollywoood Life, she said, “Me and Malaysia, we’re best friends. We ride or die for each other, and we’re probably one of the realest friends on the show. It’s quite natural, we have each other’s back.”

Are Shaunie and Jennifer still friends?

It looks like Evelyn Lozada isn’t the only Basketball Wives co-star OG will have beef with this season. Per OG and Jennifer Williams’ social media accounts, the two once chummy castmates are no longer friends. They recently traded shade on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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