Question: What are some festivals celebrated in Myanmar?

What is the famous festival in Myanmar?


Month Festival(s) Day
Tawthalin (September) Regatta Festival
Thadingyut (October) Festival of Lights Full moon of Thadingyut
Tazaungmon (November) Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights Full moon of Tazaungmon
Kyi Ma No Festival

What do Myanmar people celebrate?

Most of the festivals are related to Burmese Buddhism and in any town or village the local paya pwè (the pagoda festival) is the most important one. The most well-known festival is Thingyan, a four-day celebration of the coming Lunar New Year.

What is the religious festival in Myanmar?

Tagu is the first month of the Myanmar calendar and usually it falls in March and April on the Gregorian calendar. “Thingyan”- Myanmar New Year Festival is held in Tagu, generally it falls about 13th April or environs. Thingyan was held since the Tagaung Period but it became more prominent in the Era of Bagan Dynasty.

What is the capital of Myanmar?

What is the meaning of Thingyan?

Thingyan 2016 30 Mar 2016. Thingyan means “transition”, a term derived from the Sanskrit word Thinkanta or Sinkanta. It ushers in the Myanmar New Year and is celebrated over three days, with an extra day added on when it is a leap year. Thingyan is a time when the people make merry, unfortunately sometimes to excess.

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