Question: How many FairPrice finest are there in Singapore?

What is the biggest supermarket in Singapore?


Fairprice is Singapore’s largest retailer and comprises of FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, and FairPrice Xtra.

Is FairPrice express more expensive?

TL;DR: There Is No Price Difference Between Different Outlets! … I’ve spent one whole day loitering in 4 different FairPrice stores and compared the prices of 200+ items, and there’s no difference in price whether you buy it in FairPrice Finest or the regular FairPrice Supermarket!

Is NTUC under government?

So to answer your question directly: No, NTUC FairPrice is not a government-owned retailer. Though its parent organisation, NTUC, has a special relationship with the ruling party that forms the Singapore government.

Is cold storage more expensive than FairPrice?

Non-fresh products: And the winner is … FairPrice. Shopping at FairPrice for non-fresh items may save customers 7.3% compared to Cold Storage as a basket of non-fresh goods (excluding body wash) would total $46.34. Buying from Cold Storage could rack up a bill of $49.83, followed by Sheng Shiong with a $49.64 total.

Is unity under NTUC?

Unity Healthcare | All The Latest Products | NTUC FairPrice.


The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), also known as the Singapore National Trades Union Congress (SNTUC; Chinese: 新加坡全国职工总会), is the sole national trade union centre in Singapore.

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National Trades Union Congress

How do I buy fairprice shares?

Upon acquiring union membership, you can then apply to purchase FairPrice shares (for 20 shares only) at $1 per share plus $3 entrance fee. Click Here to download the form. For more details on NTUC General Branch Membership, please call 6213 8008.

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