How many cases of cyberbullying are there in the Philippines?

How many cases of cyberbullying are there in a year Philippines?

In 2019, the number of cyberbullying incidents in the Philippines was highest for those in region 4-a, amounting to approximately 92.4 thousand victims.

Total number of cyberbullying incidents in the Philippines in 2019, by region (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of incidents in thousands

What is the percentage of cyberbullying in 2020?

Prevalence of Cyberbullying

According to our cyberbullying research, in which we studied parents of kids between the ages of 10 and 18, 21 percent of children have been cyberbullied. 56 percent of these reports occurred from January to July 2020.

Is cyberbullying a crime in the Philippines?

Under House Bill 5718, or the proposed “Anti Cyber-Bullying Act of 2015,” cyber-bullies shall face a penalty of fines ranging from P50,000 to P100,000, or imprisonment between six months and six years, or both, at the discretion of the court. …

What is RA 10627 all about?

In the Philippines, Republic Act 10627, otherwise known as the “Anti-Bullying Act of 2013,” was enacted to address the growing incidence of bullying inside school premises, locations adjacent to the school, in school-related or -sponsored activities, and by means of technology or any electronic means (Section 5(1), …

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What is the cause and effect of cyberbullying?

Like all forms of bullying, cyberbullying causes psychological, emotional and physical stress. Each person’s response to being bullied is unique, but research has shown some general tendencies. reports that youth who are bullied have a higher risk of depression and anxiety.

Which country has the lowest rate of cyberbullying?

The lowest rate is in Greece, with only five percent of adolescents report having been victim to cyberbullying. The digital space can also introduces new risks and stress sources into young people’s lives.

Who has died from cyberbullying?

Ashley Lovelace (2002–2019), age 16, was a high school sophomore known as misslovelace on Instagram. On January 21, 2019, Ashley Lovelace died by suicide due to cyberbullying and depression.

How many teens use social media?

Surveys show that ninety percent of teens ages 13-17 have used social media. Seventy five percent report having at least one active social media profile, and 51% report visiting a social media site at least daily. Two thirds of teens have their own mobile devices with internet capabilities.

How do I file a cybercrime case in the Philippines?

Reporting of Cybercrime Incidents :: Department of Justice – Republic of the Philippines :: Tel: (+632) 523 8482, (+632) 523 6826.

Is slander a criminal offense in the Philippines?

Philippines Criminal Defamation

Article 358 of the Philippines Revised Penal Code allows for criminal defamation, which means people found guilt of the offense can find themselves behind bars. Depending on the circumstances, plaintiffs can file both civil and criminal defamation charges over the same event.

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What are the grounds for cyber libel?

a. There must be an imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status, or circumstance. b. The imputation must be made publicly.

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