How many archipelago are there in Thailand?

How many countries are archipelago?

List of archipelagos by number of islands

Location (total number of islands) Name of the archipelagos Number of islands, islets, reefs, coral reefs and cays
Philippines Philippine Archipelago 7,641
Finland Kvarken Archipelago 6,500
British Isles British Isles 6,289
Korea Korean Peninsula 3,579

Which is the greatest archipelago on the globe?

The largest archipelago in the world is Indonesia. It has 18000 islands in total.

What is the smallest archipelago in the world?

Sizeland’s charming speck of land is just one of 1,864 islands that form the Thousand Islands archipelago straddling the Canada-US border along a 100 mile-stretch of the St Lawrence.

What is the first largest archipelago in the world?

Malay Archipelago, largest group of islands in the world, consisting of the more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia and the approximately 7,000 islands of the Philippines.

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