How do you cross a street in Vietnam?

How do you cross the road in Hanoi?

INSTRUCTIONS for CROSSING the ROAD: Step from the curb, walk slowly and deliberately at a steady pace. Never stop moving. Never retreat. Make no jerky movements.

How do you cross a busy street?

Safety Tips

  1. Stop at the curb or edge of the road before crossing, and to never run into the street.
  2. Look and listen for traffic to the left, then to the right and then to the left again.
  3. Cross at the street corner and walk in crosswalks. …
  4. Always watch out for cars. …
  5. Never go between parked cars to cross the street.

Which way do you look when crossing the road?

When crossing the road, look out for traffic turning into the road, especially from behind you. If you have started and traffic wants to turn into the road, you have priority and they should give way (see rule 170).

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