Frequent question: Does Tony Jaa really know Muay Thai?

Did Tony Jaa fight Muay Thai?

3 Things You May Not Know About Tony Jaa

It is said that he fought five times in the ring during Muay Thai training camp and won all five times. He owns the record for the biggest Muay Thai training session, with 1,000 people in attendance (Hong Kong, July 2005).

Is Muay Thai good for a street fight?

Muay Thai is often referred to as the art of eight limbs given its use of kicks, punches, knees and elbows. Kicking is a huge part of Muay Thai but is arguably its least effective component in relation to street fighting. … They’re also perfect for close-range fighting which is common in street fights.

Is BJJ better than Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is fundamentally stand-up striking combat while BJJ is ground fighting grappling combat. … Muay Thai basics may be picked up very quickly, but both systems are difficult to truly master without years of hard work and grit. They are both most effective in their respective arenas under their respective rules.

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