Does Thailand use monkeys to harvest coconuts?

Are monkeys really used to harvest coconuts?

PETA has documented how pig-tailed macaques are trained, sometimes in “monkey schools,” to climb trees to pick coconuts. When the monkeys aren’t working, they’re often kept chained and transported in cages too small for them to turn around in, according to PETA footage.

Does Thai Kitchen use monkey labor?

Monkey labor is used in the Thai coconut industry, whereas coconut farms in Brazil, Colombia, and Hawaii don’t use monkeys.

Does Thai Kitchen coconut milk use monkey labor?

The company said in a statement, “… we do not engage the use of monkey labor in our coconut plantations,” USA Today reported.

Which coconut products are picked by monkeys?

A PETA Asia investigation has revealed that in Thailand, terrified young monkeys are kept chained, abusively trained, and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts used for the coconut brand Chaokoh.

Can a monkey hurt you?

6. Monkeys can carry parasites and zoonotic diseases that are dangerous to humans. They may seem to be in perfect health, but when they inevitably bite or scratch you, you may end up with a variety of health issues passed to you from your monkey that were dormant in the monkey’s system.

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What brands of coconut milk do not use monkey labor?

PETA has issued a list of brands that don’t use monkey labor in their production of coconut products. They include Daiya, DREAM Coconut Milk and AYAM.

Which coconut milk companies use monkey labor?

Which Coconut Milk Brands Use Monkey Labor? Does Chaokoh Still Use Monkey Labor? Chaokoh, a coconut milk brand that’s sold in some stores across the U.S., is among those that sell coconut products made using forced monkey labor.

Does native forest use monkey labor?

In Thailand and Sri Lanka on beautiful scenic lands, organic coconuts are grown and harvested for Native Forest® Organic Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream. … Unlike some coconut farms you may have read about, our farmers never use monkeys to pick coconuts. All work is done by human professionals, well paid for their labor.

How do they pick coconuts?

Traditionally, coconuts are harvested by climbing the smooth, narrow trunk, or by cutting the bunches with a knife attached to bamboo. Similarly, you can use a pole pruner to get coconuts from shorter trees; telescoping pruners provide an even longer reach.

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