Does Malaysia Pargo have custody?

Does Malaysia Pargo have custody of her kids?

Malaysia, who primarily works as a jewelry designer, was married to Jannero Pargo from 2006 to 2014. In 2016, Bossip reported that Malaysia won half Pargo’s pension in her divorce settlement. They share joint custody of their kids.

How much child support does Malaysia Pargo get?

Jannero was ordered to pay $15,380/month in child support and another $7,500/month in spousal support.

Is Malaysia still with her husband?

For fans of Basketball Wives, Malaysia Pargo is a staple. … According to The Sun, the couple was married for 10 years before Malaysia filed for divorce in 2014. Since then, Malaysia has been candid about divorce and co-parenting her and Pargo’s three children.

What is Malaysia’s real name?

What is Malaysia’s real name? It’s not a secret that Malaysia is not the Basketball Wives star’s real first name. Her birth name is Laquisha, though it’s never really been explained why she goes by Malaysia Pargo instead. Malaysia Pargo’s real name was brought up on the Basketball Wives season finale.

How much does Malaysia make on Basketball Wives?

Malaysia Pargo – $4 million

The former couple has three kids together, of whom they share joint custody. It is reported that she received a hefty portion of Jannero’s wealth in addition to $800 for child care, and approximately $15,000 in child support that she receives every month.

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How much is the Basketball Wives worth?

As a result of her work and former relationship, she has ganered an impressive salary and accumulated net worth of $35 million according to TV Showcasts. Original cast member Jennifer Williams is the second wealthiest basketball wife with a purported net worth of $25 million.

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