Does Cambodia ever get cold?

Does it ever get cold in Cambodia?

If you’re not a fan of freezing, snowy winters, you’re going to love Cambodia! Cambodia is a tropical country–it’s located just a smidge above the equator–with a usual temperature range of 21 to 35 °C (69.8 to 95 °F). … There’s no harsh winter, and in fact no winter to speak of at all.

What is the coldest temperature in Cambodia?

Cambodia Sees Record Low Temperatures Reach Record Lows History. Temperatures in Cambodia hit record lows Thursday, dipping to 16 degrees Celsius in Phnom Penh and 7 degrees in the northeast, the lowest in 27 years of recorded history, officials said.

How cold does Cambodia get at night?

It’s not actually that cool but you do notice the drop in temperature to the mid-70s F in the daytime and as low as 34 F during the night. This is a pleasant time to be in Cambodia, as breezes throughout the day keep everything cool.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Cambodia?

List of countries and territories by extreme temperatures

Country/Region Coldest Range
Cambodia (more) 7 °C 45 °F 35.6 °C 64.1 °F
China, mainland (more) −58 °C −72 °F 108.3 °C 194.9 °F
Hong Kong (more) −6.0 °C 21.2 °F 43.9 °C 79.0 °F
India (more) −60.0 °C −76.0 °F 111.0 °C (199.8 °F)
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Has Cambodia ever had snow?

Cambodian winters start in November and end in February. However, the word ‘winter’ probably doesn’t hold the same meaning for you as it does for Khmer people. There is no snow, no ice, and no frost.

Is Cambodia Hot or cold?

Cambodia is warm all year, but it has a monsoon climate that creates two distinct seasons, rainy and dry. However, the dry period is split into two, hot and cool. Although the temperature is hot all year round.

Is Cambodia cheap?

Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries in Southeast Asia. There really aren’t any big money saving tips here unless you go out of your way to find the most expensive things to see or do.

What religion is practiced in Cambodia?

Cambodia is predominantly Buddhist with 80% of the population being Theravada Buddhist, 1% Christian and the majority of the remaining population follow Islam, atheism, or animism. Buddhist nun at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

What is the best month to go to Cambodia?

The best time to visit Cambodia is between November and April, when it sees very little rain. During this time you’ll see clear blue skies making it a great time to enjoy a relaxing getaway on the southern coast.

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